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Just like any other part of the house, chimneys will show wear and tear over time.

Your chimney is designed to vent hot flue gasses or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace. Proper care of your chimney will keep your home more comfortable, and prevent damage to other parts of your home.

Crumbling or cracking pieces can fall into the chimney. Those pieces can create damage to the inside walls, and block the flow of heat, smoke and gasses. and can cause rain leaks, (period)

The old mortar is being ground off so the new mortar can adhere properly.

Next we tuck point the new mortar between the bricks.

Then we do an acid wash to remove to remove mortar residue.

After that, we use a clear sealant to waterproof the chimney.

then we apply new chimney flashing around the base of the chimney to prevent water from seeping in between chimney and roof.

If necessary, tin shingles are replaced at the base of the chimney to make sure water flow is goes down the shingles.

When we're done your chimney is refurbished and water tight. 

All work is guaranteed by Gunther.

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